Bear Valley Springs Astronomy Club

The 2024 Total Eclipse Event:
Watch NASA Eclipse Live
Exploratorium Live
Slooh Live

>>> Nasa will have streams on NASA+, YouTube, and Facebook, a broadcast in Spanish, and live stream of sounding rockets launching during the eclipse.
>>> Exploratorium's Live Coverage will broadcast from Junction, Texas and from Torreon, Mexico. They'll also have a broadcast in Spanish.
>>> Slooh's Live Stream will broadcast from Lyndon B Johnson State Park and Historic Site in Texas.

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Have you ever wondered what those star formations are? Want to be able to navigate by the stars? Or have a telescope sitting in the closet that you'd love to know how to use? Or need help deciding what type to buy? The Bear Valley Springs Astronomy Club (BVSAC) is here to help!

The BVSAC was formed to bring together interested people to enjoy the beautiful night skies of our valley. The Club is open to people at every level-from complete beginners to astronomy professionals. We will have regular meetings, star parties and numerous public events throughout the year. We also want to educate our residents about the advantages of keeping our skies naturally dark.

Bear Valley Springs Astronomy Club

Bear Valley Springs, Tehachapi, CA 93561